ABout us

Our Core Values:

Cornerstone Christian University is a private institution of higher education, committed to the Christian mission of winning the world to Christ. With the conviction that every member of the body of Christ is aminister, the University seeks to foster in all students a world-wide vision of the mission of the church:preparing them to be servant leaders as Christ modeled and challenged us all to become,providing opportunities for spiritual growth toward Christian maturity, and promoting the Restoration Movement ideal of becoming Christ’s church as revealed in the New Testament. Thus, our institutional core values are:

Our Statement of Faith

Cornerstone Christian University pleads for the unity of all believers on the common ground of commitment and obedience to the lordship of Christ. Believing that creeds of men, however correct, perpetuate sectarianism and create division within the church when made tests of fellowship, we have no creed except faith in Jesus as the Christ, God’s Son and humankind’s Savior. It is our desire to call all people of all nations to faith and obedience to Him as revealed in scripture. When asked, “What do you believe?”, it is tempting to hand one the Bible and suggest, “This is what we believe.” However, for those not familiar with Cornerstone Christian University, it may be helpful to identify foundational doctrines taught in our classes based on our understanding of the Scriptures.